Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

The growth of various forms of media have created an environment where there is no longer a catchall form of marketing that will reach every audience, not even the internet. According to some estimates, over 80% of millennials watch videos online, yet a large number of people still listen to traditional radio especially during commutes. In order for business owners to get the maximum reach and effectiveness of their marketing tactics, they will need to use an integrated campaign.

Although we’re majorly a digital marketing agency, we realize that traditional marketing is still useful and should not be thrown out just yet. Here’s how you should integrate the two in your business.

Why Social Media?

Social media networks are incredible when it comes to promoting brands online. Social media isn’t a trend, it is an enduring reality of online existence that every market should be engaged in.

Let’s Talk Marketing!

Social media in the case of marketers is indispensable, it is more than just Facebook, it involves a vast array of ways to engage potential social media sites. You need to figure out which of the legion networks would work for you. And then determine your social media strategy however big or small your business model is.

Consider the following:

Where is your Audience?

What are they searching for?

Which social Media sites are right for you?

Simply placing your business on social media does not mean using all platforms, look for what works for you and optimize that platform.


“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace”- Frank McCourt
Have you failed to find a job or are you tired of working at your dead end job? Maybe you have dreamed about opening your own restaurant or providing a delivery service. Whatever it is, it is worth pursuing. The difference between an entrepreneur and any other person is not a lack of ideas, it’s the will to start! We all have ideas we’ve mulled over for years but maybe scared of quitting our job and not having a fall back salary. You worry it won’t work out, but what if it does?
It isn’t easy, you will have challenges; financial and personal uncertainties, frustrations with partners and other difficulties. Instead of focusing on the negatives, choose to be motivated by your passion and drive to succeed.

5 tips on how to encourage employee development.

Making the right investments in people development has never been a waste of time.

Employees are known to stay with an organization if they feel valued by their employer. One way of maintaining this kind of relationship is by encouraging employee development.

How to encourage employee development.

Pass on knowledge and skills to employees. The competitive world has resulted to many protecting their skills and knowledge out of fear that their positions may be taken. Wouldn’t it be better to rather have a skilled personnel assist on reducing on the work load, and increasing organization efficiency?