The most cost effective and yet efficient method to reach your consumers today is through the use of online marketing. With the ever growing number of consumers active online, you simply cannot afford to have a nonexistent or even dull online presence. We give you the right tools for your online presence.


Do you sometimes need help with your online presence? We are available to make personal calls and give you advice on the areas that are giving you trouble.


Fred Burt defines a brand as a reason to choose. Our creative team creates powerful visuals that aid you to convey compelling messages to your target audience.

Events and product launch

An effective launch can significantly influence the success of a new product, organization, retail store, building or campaign.

Creating an effective launch means strategically crafting a powerful experience that lingers with the audience long after it ends.

Digimark communications creates and delivers engaging launch events that reach target audiences by leveraging our strategic, experiential and brand-building expertise.

We specialize in introducing new products, campaigns and services to key audiences through total brand immersion.

Our goal here is to provide a platform that will resonate with your audiences and extend the reach of the program.

From product launches and mobile tours to retail store and building openings,

Digimark communications approach culminates in a launch that most effectively connects with the target market.

Search Engine Optimization

We ensure that your website is found from the possible angles. If search engines cannot find your site easily, your potential clients will not either. Your site must be optimized in order to be found.

Strategy Development

Communication without a strategy is like a headless chicken, it has no direction. Because we understand your target market, we create content that is relevant to them and use the right channels to reach them.

Public Relations
We measure marketing brand equity. Optimize the catch points that connect your brand and your customers. Improve creative development to nurture great brand communications. Monitor and assess communications in the market (testing) Online presence Monitoring and Evaluation. We support you to make the best decisions at all stages of their communications (marketing /advertising) investment.
Web and App Development

Vibrant, informative and interactive, this digital medium offers limitless expression. Lucky for you, it's a medium our creative website designers are tuned into. Your company website is a valuable resource and often the first place your audience will turn to get to know you.

Our creative website designers work closely with you to create an online presence

that will give your company an advantage. Alongside this service is our popular social media and SEO packages.

A website is your online representative. Not only do we create a beautiful display, but also give you an image that’s effective for your business and industry.We will ensure that your website is unique, easy on the eye, loads efficiently, and works properly with all of the major internet browsers.

Graphic Design
Our team will work with you to create a consistent image across all your marketing material. From annual reports to stationery, brochures and flyers. We understand that the same messages conveyed online may also need translating to equally high standards of print materials. Carrying out the same exceptional standard of our website projects, we undertake the design and layout of business cards, pamphlets and booklets in accordance to your established brand and corporate designs demonstrated throughout your company. When you put a stimulating, tactile experience into the hands of your audience, your brand gets noticed.
Social Media Management

We design custom-made, branded social media landing pages and get you started. Promoting your brand online and engaging your target audience is vital knowing that social networks are visited more often than a personal email is read! Speak to us to get started.

Our social media package is easily tailored to fit your required needs; we craft messages and content, schedule at the perfect time, and connect with your audience.

A team member is assigned monitor your social media channels so that you have peace of mind should a crisis hit, or a question arise. We are available to either advise you on an appropriate response or act on it right away.

Influencer Engagement ; We help you find the right influencers to help with brand awareness, authenticity, building trust, client acquisition, sales leads and access to more content.

Social Media Training; Have someone on board? We can empower your employees with the social media skills that they require to navigate through the different networks.



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